Bags & Shoes Restoration

Cleanly can bring your bags and shoes back to life. Our cleaning service will not only clean but restore color to the faded corners and restore its luster. We can also refinish a bag to its original color. 

We provide all your handbag needs, including full restoration services or smaller services such as minor stitching, strap replacement, linings, zippers and hardware, just to name a few. 

Get in touch today to learn more about this service and all that we offer. 

Your bags and shoes are built to last. 

Refresh & Restore


>> Cleaning & Refinishing 

Cleanly uses time tested methods to clean and refinish all types of materials, including suede, silk, canvas, leather, and exotic skins.. 

We also offer a color change option. We can make a custom color for any of your leather items. 

>> Zipper Services 

If the zipper on your favorite handbag needs replacing, Cleanly has you covered. We can replace your zipper with an original manufacturer zipper used in many designer items.

Well, if your bag does not have a zipper and you really want one, we can install one for you too. 

>> Piping Replacement 

Hangbag Piping and Corners can see a lot of wear and tear, causing the internal plastic piping to be exposed. Cleanly can replace the complete piping or install a patch on the exposed area. 

>> Handle/Strap Replacement  

Cleanly can duplicate your handle or strap as original or with any alterations you desire, such as a longer crossbody strap or broader strap.

>> Lining Replacement   

Cleanly can replace your lining in the original color or fabric, or you can personalize it with any color or material that you desire. Our artisan can help you add pockets and zippers to existing linings, or remove the divider to add space to the main compartment.  

Cleaning & Refinishing 

>> Deep Cleaning 

Dirty or stained leather bags, linings or handles can go through our Deep Cleaning process, including: disinfection, cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing process for future protection. 

Our deep cleaning process involves removing any stains or marks on the leather with extractive techniques before restoring the surface with cleaning and conditioning agents. 

>> Mould Removal 

Mould - one of the most annoying, disgusting, gross things to discover when pulling your favourite bag or shoes out of the wardrobe. Not only is mould difficult to remove and stop returning, but it causes smells and can be very damaging to your health. 

Our specialized mould removal treatment involves a deep cleaning of the bag surface using the professional-grade mould removal solution. 

>> Degreasing 

Handbags can often become contaminated with grease. Makeup and food spillages, hand cream and sun cream on handles. For this we recommend a Degreasing treatment to extract as much of the grease from the leather. 

This is important when considering a restoration service, as quite often pigments will not bond to leather when grease is present. This treatment can be added on to any of the above services - it cannot be sold as a stand alone treatment.

>> Fabric Cleaning 

Fabric bags can become soiled with use, picking up dirt and stains on a day to day basis. Our water based cleaning treatment will fully clean your bag inside and out whilst carrying out specialist stain removal techniques on the more stubborn areas. We have had success with ink removal, oil removal, blood and paint stains.

**Complete removal of stains or mold cannot be guaranteed as the efficacy of our cleaning methods depends on the nature of the stains against the material and the condition of the item. 

Refresh & Repair