Dry Cleaning | Wash & Iron

No hidden Fees. What you see is what you get. 

For those items you want dry cleaned, laundered, pressed, and returned on a hanger. All of our dry cleaning uses environmentally friendly solvents which prevent any damage to your garments during the dry cleaning process. 

Our team with over 100 years of combined cleaning expertise understands the relationship you have with your clothes and the meticulous attention required to care for them. 

It's ideal for suits, blouses, dress shirts and dresses especially those with lining and paddings. Our professional services can protect these delicate fabrics so that your favorite and high-quality clothes can last a long time. 

Now you have time for what really matters.

How It Works


Photo Inventory 

After picking up your clothes, we keep the itemized list with a photo of each item in our care.

Stain Inspection

Our inspectors have decades of experience in identifying and treating stains with their acquired knowledge of organic chemistry so your garments are returned pristine. 

Expert Care & Pressed 

We follow the care label (and know what all the symbols mean!) so your clothes receive the optimal cleaning treatment. Your clothes are crisply pressed, put on hangers and placed in the protective garment bag, and last for years to come. 


クリーニング 料金一覧

Laundry & Press    Dry Clean  


$5.5                    $5.5  


$7.0                    $7.0  

Shirt (men)

$6.0                   $6.0  


$7.0                    $7.0  


$6.0                     $6.0  

Dress (short)

90cm & below

   $9.5                   $9.5  

Dress (long)                                $12.5  



$14.0                    $14.0  

Skirt (short/long)

$6.5/$9.0        $6.5/$9.0 

Business Suit/Jacket/Coat

$10                    $10   


$6.5                    $6.5   


$9.0                    $9.0   

Trench Coat

$25.0                  $25.0  


$15.5                    $15.5     

Winter Jacket (S/M/L)

NA        $19/$23/$27

Winter Pants

$12.5                    $12.5     

Blouse (Silk) 


Dress (Silk) 


Skirt (Silk) 


Scarf/Shawl (Silk)





$6.0                    $6.0    


$10.0                    $10.0   


$7.5                    $7.5   

Traditional Costumes

      From $20 From $20   


$1.5                    $1.5   


$9.5                    $9.5   

Evening Dress 

From $35        From $35   

Wedding Gown

                                 From $120  

Graduation Gown/ Lawyer Robe


Leather Gloves

From $13   

Leather Pants

                                 From $34   

Leather Skirts 

From $32   

Leather Jacket 

                                 From $35   



Pajamas                                         $16       


Lab Coat

                                $10.5                      $10.5

Chef Apron                               $6.5            


Laundry & Press         Dry Clean  

Bed Sheet (S/Q/K)


Blanket (S/Q/K)


Comforter (S/Q/K)


Mattress Protector (S/Q/K)


Mattress Topper (S/Q/K)


Pillow/Bolster Case

$3.0                    $3.0     


$15.5                    $15.5   

Quilt Cover (S/Q/K)


Cushion Cover

$6.0                    $6.0     


$8.0                    $8.0     

Bath Towel

$5.0                    $5.0     

Hand Towel

$1.5                    $1.5     

Bathroom Rug

$8.0                    $8.0     

Sofa Cover                  



Day Curtain (Piece)


Night Curtain (per kg)


Soft Toy (S/M/L/XL)

S/M: 31 to 60cm
L: 61 to 90cm 
XL: More than 90 cm  




Piano Cover

$18                    $18     

Table Cover/Runner 

$12                    $12     

Sleeping Bag

$18                    $18     

Bag Pack

$17                    $17     

Drawstring Bag 

$2.0                    $2.0    


$7.0                    $7.0    

Pet Bed 

$18                    $18     

Pet Blanket

$12                    $12     

Carpet (per sqf) 

$3.5                   $3.5  

We do not charge GST

Express Services 

We provide:

Two Day Service (48 hours) if the collection is before 1pm @ 50% of the price --> currently not available till further notice

Express Service (72 hours) at 25% of the price (no cut-off timing) --> note: please call before bringing down the items

Kindly note that:
1. We do not process the above services on Sundays and Public Holidays. (Eg. If you hand us an item for Next Day cleaning on a Sunday, the soonest we can return it is on Tuesday)
2. We do not provide same day cleaning service.


"Great experience. Like many others have shared before, their customer service is very good, friendly & prompt." -- Jason W. Senior Manager, IT

"The way the items are packaged when they are delivered is great. All items are neatly folded and packaged nice together. Ready to be used right away." -- Michelle O, Business Owner

"Love their same price concept for both dry clean and professional wash &
press. This make me easy to understand what I am paying for and not afraid of being overcharged." -- David W, Investment Banker