Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. Is there a minimum order limit? 

No, there is not a minimum order for all of our services, except for Wash, Dry & Fold service (min of 7 kg)

2. What is the turnaround time?

Standard process takes 5 working days excluding collection day (Public Holidays and Sundays are not included as a working day). Should you require your laundry urgently, Cleanly provides a faster service at a surcharge:  

Turnaround Time 

Two Day Service: 48 hours (service currently not available)
Express Service: 72 hours  (please enquire before coming down)


Two Day Service if the collection is before 1pm @ 50% of the price --> service currently not available 
Express Service at 25% of the price (no cut-off timing) --> please enquire before coming down

Kindly note that:

1. We do not process the above services on Sundays and Public Holidays. (Eg. If you hand us an item for Next Day cleaning on a Sunday, the soonest we can return it is on Tuesday)
2. We do not provide same day cleaning service.

*Note: Next Day/ Two Day/ Express Services are charged based on the requested type. Fees will not be reversed for items not collected on time.  

3. What is Load Wash? 

Wash, Dry, Fold is known as Load Wash commonly. This service includes separating of whites and colors and premium environmental friendly detergents. Your garments are washed and dried separately from other customers' orders - neatly organized, folded and packaged. 

It's offered at a Super price. $4.20 per kg. Lowest price in Singapore. 

It is charged by weight. Min. weight is 7kg applied for this service. 

4. What is Dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a no-water cleaning technology that is ideal for fabrics that need extra care and can not be washed or tumble-dried. It is ideal for suits, blouses, dress shirts and dresses especially those with lining and paddings. Dry cleaning can protect these delicate fabrics so that they can last a longer time. 

This service is charged by item. 

5. Can you guarantee that you can remove all the stains for me? 

At Cleanly, we will try our best to remove all the stains from your garments. However, we will not be able to guarantee the removal of all stains due to the varying degree of stubborn stains. We will recommend for stains to be treated fresh and brought to our outlet for staff's review the soonest you can.  

6. I got back my laundry but I am not satisfied with the cleaning. Is there anything that you can do about it? 

You may send your items back to us with the original receipt and we shall offer a onetime complimentary rewash for you. However, do note that this is only applicable for items that is collected within 7 workings days.  

7. I am not satisfied by the stain removal results. Can you try again? 

Yes we can. Please take note that all rewash requests should be made within 7 days from the date of collection of your item. A waiver release form has to be signed as further targeted stain removal attempts might damage the fabric. 

8. Do you offer an iron-only service? 

This service is currently not available.

9. I may have left my personal belongings in my garments/bags and they are already at your processing factory! What should I do? 

Please call our processing office at 6908 0205 during our operation hours to reach our Lost and Found Department. We will try our best to locate your belongings and will return it back to our outlet for your collection if found. 

10. Can my items be hung back to my original hangers after the cleaning? 

Unfortunately, no at this point in time. The special hanger is a crucial part of our sorting process as the hangers have to be compatible to our sorting system in our processing factory. 

11. I need my clothes urgently but I forgot to inform your staff when I drop off my items. Can I request for a last min express service?  

Please call our processing office at 6908 0205 and we will try our best to locate your items for you. There is a surcharge of 100% if we are able to locate your items and process the last min express service. 

12. Do you impose festive period (e.g. Chinese New Year) surcharges for your services?

No, our prices remain the same throughout festive periods. However, our team will be in touch to inform you should we need more time to process your item during busy periods.

13. Are all the clothes treated the same? 

Our professionals take great care from the moment your clothes are dropped off to when they are returned. 

Our production team starts by noting the pre-existing condition of the garment. While we do our best to locate all stains/conditions, it is still possible to miss some. Hence, do let us know if there is anything you'd like us to pay special attention to. Any instructions for the finishing is also noted down at this stage. 

We then separate each garment by cleaning process, colour, and fabric type. After the cleaning has been done, the garments are sent to various stations to be pressed. 

The final process is where the pressed clothes are sent for quality checks before being packed and prepared for your collection. 

14. Do you accept clothing donation?  

Thank you for asking! We do! 

At cleanly, we work hard to protect the environment, so while we're using environmental-friendly cleaning practices to remove stains and wrinkles, we are also working on the mission to encourage all to extend the life of their clothes by cleaning, protecting, repairing and altering. 

Since 2007, we have been partnering with nonprofits in our neighborhood, and offer free clothing donation pickup to help all of us protect the environment.