You are welcome to join from 2022 onwards.

Cleanly Dry Cleaning & Alteration Convenience Store Franchise Plan. 

Market Analysis 


  • The global market for Dry-Cleaning and Alteration Services is projected to reach more than S$110billion by 2025, driven by the continuous evolution of consumer behavior and lifestyle and the resulting lack of time for household chores and increased willingness to utilize commercial laundry eservices. 
  • The demand for cleaning and dry cleaning services has recorded strong growth from residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The increase in no-helper households and rapid pace of urbanization, strong growth in sectors such as healthcare had also contributed to the rise in demand for laundry services.
  • There are big changes in the materials which require professional dry cleaning knowledge to handle. Customers now have better knowledge in care of clothing and have higher demand on clean clothes. 
  • Dry Cleaning & Alteration Convenience Stores have very little physical inventory. This means minimal capex investment, easier management and higher profits. 
  • This industry isn't impacted by economic recessions as much, because people need clean and fitting clothes. Dry Cleaning and Alteration services are long lasting trades which will not be affected much by market fluctuations. 
  • Customer service is critical and their demands and expectations are rising. 
  • Competition is intensifying. 

The Advantages of Joining Cleanly Dry Cleaning & Alteration 

  • Experienced consultants supporting your operation. 
  • Stable and strong support from dry cleaning and alteration workshop. 
  • Powerful promotion to increase source of customers.
  • Diversified source of income.
  • Value added service help to expand business.
  • In 2017, Cleanly introduced 24/7 automated cleanly lockers. As of now, Cleanly dry cleaning lockers are available in 30 condominiums including Orchard Scotts Residence, Oceanfront @ Sentosa, Scotts Square, The Rise @ Oxley and Cairnhill Nine, but we are working hard on getting Cleanly dry cleaning lockers to even more places. 
  • Cleanly currently has the largest dry cleaning, laundry and alteration network in Singapore. 

Support from Head Office

  • Professional training in operation (lasting for 2 weeks).
  • Shadowing and mentoring programs (for the first 6 months).  
  • Support network that you can utilize to help run your business effectively, including: accountant, interior design and IT helpdesk. 
  • Extensive training program to equip you with the tools you need to run a successful operation, including technical training, sales and marketing assistance, legal guidance, insurance coaching, and much more. 
  • Provide Point of Sale (POS) system.
  • Assist in handling complaints and building of customer loyalty programs. 
  • Arrange dispatch service. 
  • Assist in recruitment of customer service staff and seamstress. Seamstress will be trained by our senior seamstress at HQ to ensure quality tailoring work. 
  • Within one month of opening of the franchise shop, our shop manager will pay regular visit and provide on-the-job training which is free of charge (if the shop manager is required to provide on-the-job training or work as relief after one month, there will be a charge of S$25 per hour). 
  • Assist to accept "business/company" orders before opening.
  • Regular promotion on dry cleaning, laundry and alteration discounts. 
  • The franchisee is required to attend 2 leadership online training courses (tuition fees apply). 

* Upon expiry of the contract, all goods and services deposit will be refunded to the franchisee. 

Franchise need to know and condition: 

Franchisee needs to directly involve in the operation of the shop: 

  • Not afraid of hard work. 
  • Franchisee need to be ready to visit their shop at least twice a week. 
  • Need a steady career with reasonable return. 
  • Willing to abide by the franchise contract conditions. 

The data and analysis provided by the company and its information provided here are for reference only. The company and its information provider will not be responsible for the accuracy or any possible loss arising from the contents. The franchisee should note that analysis on the success in the past does not represent the performance in the future. 

Joining the Franchise

  1. Learn about the business and conduct a research on the industry on your own.  
  2. If interested, return the franchise application form and arrange interview with Cleanly. 
  3. After deciding to join, you must provide proof of funding and await examination and agreement to join the franchise by Cleanly Dry Cleaning & Alteration. 
  4. Cleanly will arrange signing of letter.
  5. During the 12-month validity period of the letter of intent, the applicant can terminate the cooperation. If the shop location cannot be confirmed, or the applicant is unable to open the shop within the validity period, the letter of intent will be deferred once for 6 months. 
  6. In the event that the franchise agreement is signed by both parties, franchise fee will be applied. 
  7. It is suggested that the franchise agreement be handled by a solicitor and the legal fees will be shared by both parties equally. 
  8. After deciding on the shop location and signing of rental agreement, the franchisee will pay the second installment of the franchise fee plus administration & promotion fee of the year and goods & services deposit. 
  9. Franchise have the option to open the 24/7 contactless dry cleaning lockers and participate in the joint marketing campaigns with Cups Media to earn extra income. 
  10. All shop locations must be agreed by both parties.

Future Goals

Develop as the representative of mid-priced dry cleaning & alteration services in Singapore. 
Support people with small capital to start a business against the market trend.
Support the recruitment of best talents, even if they are senior in age. 
Accomplish enterprise culture: the values and the good of the group outweigh the needs of the individual and his/her material desires. Profit was less important than values. We treasure: goodness, benevolence, harmony and respect for tradition.

This is your opportunity. If you are looking for a steady career with reasonable return, willing to work hard for your future, join Cleanly Dry Cleaning & Alteration Convenience Stores Franchise. Franchise email: .