For the Iron Bored.

Life is stressful enough without spending your weekends over the ironing board.

Our professional pressing & ironing techniques - hand-press or machine-pressed - will have your clothes looking and feeling great for years to come.

Only iron. Nothing less

How It Works

Photo Inventory

After picking up your clothes, we keep the itemized list with a photo of each item in our care

Professional Pressing

Buttons are always checked prior to pressing and never returned damaged or chipped. 

Hand-pressed is often recommended on luxury and dedicated items to avoid wear and tear, wrinkled underarms and seams, and small creases on the sleeves and back area.

Expert Care 

Your clothes are crisply pressed, put on hangers and placed in the protective garment bag, and last for years to come.  


50% of all laundry/dry cleaning charges. 

Check Here for laundry/dry cleaning prices. 

Pricing before 7% GST


"I've had great experience with Cleanly so far from the nicest people - from counter staff to supervisor to customer service over the phone." -- Joanne, Lecturer 

"I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. I hate doing laundry and I hate doing my own ironing. Getting my clothes cleaned and neatly pressed has always been a delight. A++ for your great work!" -- David L, Customer