Terms & Conditions

Cleanly Dry Cleaning & Alteration ("Cleanly") promises to exercise the upmost care in handling our customer's items. By entrusting your items to us, you are agreeing that Cleanly own count and inspection is accurate and final and assignment of your items to Cleanly by yourself or an appointed person will be taken as your acceptance of our full terms and conditions.

Items with a value of $500.00 or more are deemed to be of high value and as such the customer must declare the items value at the point of our collection. 

Disclaimer: Defects, damage, irregularities or stains, collectively referred as "defects" relating to your item which might be noted on your invoice are only preliminary and are not conclusive or final. Our inspection process is unable to note all defects at the point of collection. We do attempt to record this information however make no warranty as to completeness of these description.  

Laundry Service

1. Cleanly reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment.

2. Cleanly work hard to remove all stains on your garments. However, total removal of stains is not guaranteed. We will not waive charges due to our inability to remove a stain.

3. Cleanly will charge the cleaning cost of all items on our price list, unless you believe the depreciated value of your garment exceeds ten (10) times the cleaning charge. In such case, please declare the value in which the garment will be cleaned at 1/10th of the declared value. 

4. Liability for any reason (including but not limited to lost or damaged items) is limited to the lesser of ten (10) times the cleaning cost or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the International Fair Claims Guide published by the International Fabricare Institute (IFI), not exceeding $150.00 whichever is lowest. Once the item has been compensated, it remains the property of Cleanly.

5. Cleanly's liability shall be limited to the terms contained herein and shall only apply to the individual item which has been damaged or lost. In the event that items are priced in one lump sum or are part of a set (such as curtains or cushion covers) and should any damage occur which is the fault of Cleanly, the liability shall be based upon ten (10) times the apportioned cleaning cost for that individual item (part of a set).

6. Kindly remove valuable, personal or ornamental items attached to or left on the garment. Cleanly is not responsible for the loss of item(s) not removed prior to cleaning.

7. Cleanly shall not be liable for items with a defect in the design, material, dyes or construction, have residual stains or have accessories or ornaments which don't withstand cleaning. 

8. Although we strive to provide the best possible services, we are not responsible for loose items such as jewelry, watches, cash, detachable buttons, cufflinks, belts, laces, hoods or loose items on garments, hangers etc. We request that customers remove these items and empty pockets prior to leaving items with us as we cannot be held responsible for damage to your garments from items left in pockets (e.g. lipstick, pens). 

9. Cleanly shall not be liable for garments without any care label affixed to the garment. Your items will be cleaned according to the care label, unless specified by you. If there are no care labels, your item will be cleaned according to our experience.

10. Cleanly shall not be liable for loss or damage due to wash, dry, fold service (charge by per kg). Please be aware that wash, dry, fold service items are not counted beyond the total order's total weight prior to washing. Colours and item types will not be separated prior to washing, there are washed as one order. Any damaged caused by the incorrect mixing of items in a wash, dry, fold order will be the responsibility of the customer. 

11. Please check upon collection on the number and condition of items. If you are not present to give us or receive your items, your appointed receiver will be deemed as acceptance of our terms and conditions. Cleanly will not be liable for claims relating to missing items after collection. 

12. Any damages or loss must be reported to Cleanly within 24 hours via the telephone number, address or email listed on our website (www.cleanly.com.sg). The item must be returned to Cleanly within 5 days working days thereafter for inspection. 

13. Garments left for more than two (2) month from the date of receipt by Cleanly will be donated to charity of our choice or sell by public auction for charitable purposes, with no further claims against Cleanly. 

In the absence of your specific instructions, items will be cleaned according to their care label instructions. We reserve the right to exercise our discretion when cleaning your items.  


14. Cleanly will begin to perform the service only upon receiving full payment from the Customer for the Service(s). Service(s) provided are based on the measurements provided at the time of the Customer's first fitting. Any changes in Customer's measurements after the first fitting which cause additional or different Service(s) to be performed will be subjected to additional charge. 

15. All articles must be inspected and customer's dissatisfaction, if any, shall be made known at time of collection, Cleanly shall not be responsible for subsequent complaints. 

16. All claims must be made within (24) hours from the garment/item is collected via the telephone number, address or email listed on our website (www.cleanly.com.sg). The items must be returned to Cleanly within 5 working days thereafter for inspection. If the garments should be damaged/lost while in the Cleanly's custody, such liability shall based on the depreciated value of the article, not exceeding 5 times the alteration charges of the affected garment, and capped at a maximum of $100 per item. In the event of a customer complaint, the Customer undertakes to give Cleanly the opportunity to rectify all works. A one-time complimentary redo of the work will be given to ensure customer satisfaction. Subsequent redo will be chargeable at the original price. 

17. A tolerance of 2cm shall be applied to the pattern measurements that relate to the manual measurements. 

18. Cut out fabrics will be recycled unless customer specifically requests otherwise. 

19. All garments must be clean before alteration, Cleanly reserves the right to reject customer's item.

20. Item not collected after (2) months will be donated to charity.

21. Cleanly will not be responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection of the items.

22. Payment of the price shall be made in full upon the date of the order.

Bag Cleaning Service (service currently not available)

23. Cleanly Bag Artisan will clean every item using methods and chemicals best suited to its nature and condition. 

24. Removing stains completely is not guaranteed. Upon clients' requests, Cleanly can provide our service to remove the stains. This will be done at the clients' own risk. Additional charges at the prevailing rates apply. Cleanly reserves the right to refuse to service the item at any time.

25. Cleanly cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials that are not visibly apparent prior to processing, resulting in damage after washing.

26. Cleanly exercises our best professional care in the services of every item entrusted to us. We will fulfill our promise to deliver coloured item(s) as close as possible to our client(s)' request(s). Kindly note that we cannot be held liable for colour loss or damage to weak and tender materials. 

27. Clients should make sure that the conditions checklist form accurately indicates major blemishes spotted at the time of deposit and understand that the blemish may/may not be improved or worsened by services rendered by Cleanly.

28. Blemishes pointed to customer by Cleanly staff at the time of collection, do not indicate blemishes / fungi / water marks that are less than 0.5cm and not visible to the eye at the time of deposit.

29. Clients may be informed of other blemishes spotted by Cleanly after deposit via phone, text or email.

30. Cleanly tried as hard as possible to track loose item(s) found in the item(s) sent to us. We will not be held responsible for loose items such as jewelry, cash, detachable buttons, cufflinks, dust bags, boxes, etc. We request that clients empty every compartment prior to leaving items with us. 

31. Vachetta leather ages with time and thus colours vary on different parts of the leather. Cleaning removes dirt, dust and grime from the leather. After cleaning, the leather will appear lighter/darker at different parts of the leather according to usage. Please note that Cleanly cannot be responsible for the varying tones of leather.

32. Any items must be claimed within 14 days from the date of collection as stated on the receipt. Cleanly will not hold any form of liability of unclaimed items beyond the 14-day period. All unclaimed items may be disposed off after the expiry date. 

33. Any items will be kept at out store for a maximum of 1 month. 

34. Customers must inspect all items at point of collection. All complaints or dissatisfaction must be made known to the counter staff immediately. Cleanly will assume no responsibility thereafter. 

34. Subject to the above conditions, the maximum liability assumed by Cleanly is no more than five times the regular service charge of each article if it is proven to be damaged due to our negligence. Compensation will be in accordance to the second hand market price of the item at that time, up to a maximum of S$3,000, taking into account the age, brand, model and condition. Proof of purchase is required to prove the authenticity of the bag.

35. The damaged item, whether partially or completely damaged, shall be retained by us upon full settlement of claim unless otherwise agreed by Cleanly. 

36. Receipt of all items acknowledged by any other persons other than the owner of the items sent for cleaning shall be deemed to be made with the full knowledge of the Conditions of Service by the said owner of the item. 

37. By paying for the invoice, you acknowledge that you have accepted all the above terms and conditions of service