Wedding Gown Alteration

At Cleanly Alteration, we have a dedicated team to provide for your wedding gown alteration needs. Our experience staff provide on the spot fitting, as well as consultation to solve your problems. 

A wedding is a big deal. A wedding dress that isn't altered properly looks frumpy and ill-fitting. You need to look your best on your very big day. 

Wedding dresses are designed for one type of figure (and many a time, it isn't even a realistic figure for Asian) and it's designed for a balanced figure and a woman who is 175cm tall. It's only through alterations from a sewing professional that a wedding gown will fit a bride to perfection. 

Speak with us today for your specific needs, we are happy to listen to you, especially for this very special occasion. Your gown will be fitting you perfecting on your wedding day. 

Why You Need a Professional for Alterations

When you buy a wedding gown online, you might provide your own measurements or order based on your dress size. However, it's rare that you'll end up with a dress that fits perfectly in either case. It's unfortunate, but the dress will need to be tweaked. It could be due to the designer's measurements being off, or the fact that you may not have taken the proper measurements of your body. Our experienced seamstress knows how to take measurements properly.

Tips on choosing your seamstress for your Wedding Gown 

Before bringing your dress to a shop (or at Cleanly Alteration) for alterations, you must do your research. That involves a few steps and should be done before you receive your dress from wherever it was ordered. 


Always, always, always check reviews. Speak with other customers who have used their service before as you'll want to hear from other brides regarding their experience, so you can avoid a nightmare. Once your dress is badly altered, it might not be able to be repaired. That means you'll have ruined your wedding dress, and have to find an alternative gown, which is added expense and stress. 

Ask for Referral 

You might be able to get a recommendation from other women who have been brides recently. Check out forums, speak with your friends, colleagues from work and family members who might know a great seamstress who did their own wedding dress. Even when you get a recommendation, check for reviews before bringing them your dress.

Avoid unprofessional sewing professionals 

Just because one of your friends have been sewing for years, it doesn't mean that you should consider giving your wedding dress to them. Altering a wedding gown takes years of specific know-how. It's unlikely that your friends have been altering gowns in their apartment. Politely and gently tell any well-meaning relatives/friends that you are having it done by a professional. You won't save money by taking it to a seamstress, but you can certainty save money on all other aspects of the wedding like ordering the dress online, or making your own remarkable piece. 

Questions to Ask 

Never assume that a professional seamstress understands how to alter a wedding dress for you. Consider always asking below questions even after you've seen positive reviews on their website or they are being recommended by your friends or relatives: 

  • How many years of experience do you have, and how many wedding gowns have you altered?
  • Can you tell me your prices for taking in the sides or shortening the dress?
  • How many fittings are required? Do you charge extra for additional fitting? 
  • How quickly can the dress be altered?
  • What amount is needed for deposit?
  • Is the gown steamed after alterations?
  • What's your schedule, and how long will it take to receive my altered gown?

A perfectly fitted gown is one of the simplest ways to look your best on your wedding day. A beautiful gown will look lazy and ugly if it doesn't fit to the body. It could slope from the shoulders, be baggy around the bodice or too tight in other areas causing it to be slightly wonky.